Absolute IT

Unified Concepts has been outsourcing technology departments for almost two decades. From fortune 500, municipalities, SMB, colleges, and K-12 our team has compiled so much knowledge in every aspect of IT. Our vision on technology is transparent. If your users have to think about the technology, it is not working as intended. Our team was assembled as a shared resource for our customers. Experts at their trade, our team resolves issues with amazing precision. Not many companies have the ability to assemble a team of this magnitude.

Early on, it became obvious the best approach was to be proactive. With a team of experts that becomes much easier to accomplish. If you are looking for Unified Concepts to simply send a workstation tech to fix problems when they occur, that is not who we are. We do not chase problems, we eliminate them. Our team has created a methodology called Absolute IT. Absolute IT is a combination of best practice designs and procedures that reduce support effort and costs. Starting from the core, we validate each and every system that is involved in technology. We confirm the best practices and build a plan to get there. Eliminating problems and creating stability will automatically reduce the effort it takes to support your environment. Reduced effort means reduced cost. The more stable we make your systems, the less work we have to do. Your employees will be a lot happier too.

Absolute IT starts with an assessment of your current environment. From the assessment, we are able to start our process. By moving your organization to Absolute IT, you are essentially hiring a complete technology team. They work for you and advocate for you. Their only goal is to cut costs and improve your environment.

  • Implement process and procedure for efficiency
  • Build a budget with a purchase cycle to eliminate surprise costs
  • Leverage the latest technology to reduce hardware needs
  • Evaluate all software and possible alternatives
  • Compare in-house vs. cloud to determine the best value
  • Identify and eliminate all risks to your organization
  • Transparent and easy to use technology
  • It really works!

A flat fee for your whole team!