Cloud can provide many options for your business that did not exist in the past. The important thing to remember is that cloud is a monthly charge that never goes away. You will be reliant on a cloud provider for what could be business critical applications. If the company you use for the cloud service decides to change strategy or goes out of business, you could be in a bad situation. If the cloud provider decides to do a planned upgrade, it is usually on their schedule instead of yours.  Remember that cloud is made for the masses.

A one size fits all approach is very difficult to customize to fit your business. You need to move into a cloud service while keeping these points in mind. Cloud does have it’s place in many areas. It can be very cost effective when you have a limited amount of users needing an application. Cloud allows you to enable the service quickly and removes the need to manage the system. In most cases, when comparing cloud for your whole company over a three to five year period, it is much more expensive. With cloud, it is important to compare a fully managed premise system divided by the same three to five year term. Many times you will find the cloud equivalent is three to five times more than paying to have it fully managed at your location. Unified Concepts can help you navigate the differences in cloud providers. Building a total cost of ownership over an extended time is important information that will allow you to make an informed decision.