Data Center

Your data center is where your critical applications live

Data center virtualization has gone through many recent changes. Regardless of the cloud there are solutions that will always make sense to keep at your location. This could be for security or cost or many other reasons.

If you have 2 servers or 200 there are some very compelling reasons to look at moving to a virtualized environment. Sure power and cooling have always been a big topic around saving money. The bigger reason is the redundancy and crash recovery options in introduces to your systems. Depending on how critical an application is it becomes easy to set up varying levels of redundancy to fit your business needs. Having to wait for a server to be rebuilt and restored can cost a lot if it stops or slows down production. Virtualization can remove this risk when leveraged properly.

Network based storage can also add to security and redundancy. Other things like virtual desktop and more become a reality once you have this technology to leverage.

Unified Concepts also works with many different server solutions. From rack based servers to blade servers we can help you plan and implement a cost effective data center for much less than you every would have imagined. Following the following key points will give your company the competitive advantage you deserve.

  • What applications do you use now. Who uses them and how.
  • Evaluate all applications and solutions for premise Vs. Cloud.
  • Look at current business needs to see if any other applications are planned for the near future.
  • Design a system that fits today with some overhead to cover the future.
  • Make sure power needs and backup power is sufficient for current business needs.
  • Decide on and document a life cycle rotation plan that meets business needs and budget.
  • This approach allows your company to take advantage of this technology to build a stable reliable environment for years to come.