Can your network handle the demands for Video that education needs to succeed? Do you know how adding the next device will affect things? Do you know how to manage and secure all the Laptop’s, E-Readers, I-pads and Android devices the staff and students want to use on your network?

Here are some of the area’s we can add value to your districts technology.

  • Building a financial plan around the vision of private cloud for K-12
  • Secure and simple to manage infrastructure for both wired and wireless
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Strategy and planning for your technology plan updates
  • Lowering the technical level of internal management needed
  • Virtualization and VDI for more reliability and control of critical applications
  • Unified Communications to leverage newer carrier services to cut costs.
  • Collaboration and Video classroom publishing

If planned properly many of these solutions will not only increase the overall student/teacher experience but lower cost as well. In the end, the ability to educate at a higher level is the goal.

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