Today’s internet creates many challenges for companies. A simple firewall and antivirus program installed on the workstation is not good enough anymore. No matter how hard you try and educate your staff, someone will always click the email or download the file with the virus. The infections are more serious too. What do you do if all of your marketing materials become encrypted and the culprit wants thousands of dollars for the key to get them back? These circumstances are on the rise.

Unified Concepts can help design a cost effective solution to help

Next generation firewalls are a must. By integrating antivirus, anti-malware, content filtering, real time scanning with a workstation, and server based protection solution, we can eliminate a majority of the risk. You need to evaluate your policies to determine if what you allow users to access is worth the added risk. Many user options have security solutions available to help. It is always a balancing act. If allowing the user an option increases productivity, it may be worth the effort and cost to secure that feature. Otherwise, eliminating it as a user option is always the most cost effective solution.

Unified Concepts is here to work with you to help reduce risks. We will help you figure out the right balance for your needs. The ability to lock down every network port,  validate the user and device type, and guarantee the device meets your standards before it is allowed to see your network is possible. All it takes is one defended breach to pay back the money invested in this area.