Service Desk

Here to Quickly Solve Problems Your new team of friendly help desk technicians make pesky day-to-day problems disappear. No more waiting around for a technician to arrive or frustrating days trying to solve issues in-house. Unified Concepts has a fully staffed help desk designed to help your users remotely with their daily issues. It is as simple as clicking an icon on the desktop or hitting an F-Key. Within moments, one of our help desk engineers will be working on the problem. Users are able to schedule appointments for support during their free time or call in if needed. In cases where a user is not able to create a ticket, they can call our office and someone will be happy to create one for them. This way, you’ll get your problems addressed immediately so you can focus on more important matters. Your staff is probably used to grabbing someone to help them with their tech problems. This is a non-efficient way to handle support. If more than one staff has a problem, they need to wait. Our help desk can handle dozens of simultaneous help requests and complete them immediately. As your users transition to the new system they will realize how efficient it is. The savings generated will have a dramatic affect on the future of technology at your district.