Efficient IT

Optimizing Technology For Your Business

Unified Concepts has been helping customers take advantage of technology since 1997. Technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate.  Navigating and aligning new solutions to your organization can be challenging. Building an experienced team of experts to help is expensive and difficult to accomplish. Having an IT team help navigate these challenges and embrace the advancements will give your business a competitive advantage.

Efficient IT is not enabled by flipping a switch. With comprehensive planning and positive change, technology becomes transparent. Cost and effort decrease and reliability drastically improves.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Standardization in core components
  • Strong focus on reliable foundation
  • Enterprise Architecture standards
  • Process and procedure adherence
  • Roadmap to migrate from reactive support
  • Constantly comparing existing and new technology
  • Useful life rotation plan reducing hardware failures
  • Compare premise vs. cloud for best value
  • Identify and eliminate all security risks

  • Customer Experience
  • Issue Remediation
  • Issue Prevention
  • Governance & Visibility
  • Solution Value
  • Cost Optimization
  • Reactive

  • Experiences happen
  • It breaks; we fix it (eventually)
  • Prevention is seen as impractical
  • Chaotic and intrusive
  • The solution is the value
  • Support is seen as a tax
  • Proactive

  • Experiences are considered
  • We make it less likely to break
  • Prevention is seen as possible
  • Data enables control
  • Support adds incremental value
  • Support is a technical insurance premium
  • Predictive

  • Experiences are deliberately created
  • We ensure it doesn't break
  • Prevention is a reality
  • Risk mitigation and transparency
  • Support becomes a solution value multiplier
  • Support spending seen to reduce overall costs

Our experts can help you get more from your technology and pay less!